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Tina Aurora, Reiki Master & Life Coach 
The Power of Vision Boards: Activating Your Manifesting Energy 

Looking for something fun to do the next time you get together with friends or family?  Host a Vision Board Workshop at your home and let Tina Aurora guide you on harnessing the power of vision boards.  During the workshop, the group will:

* Begin with a brief relaxation meditation
* Learn the habits that help increase manifesting energy
* Discuss the Law of Attraction 
* Explore the Feng Shui 9 Box Vision Board Model
* Create individual vision boards
* Build personal affirmations to foster the manifesting of goals
* Discover how to use your vision board daily
* Have FUN!

Prior to the workshop, guests are asked to think about what they would like to bring into their lives and the goals they would like to achieve.  They should also begin to collect images and/or inspirational words from magazines or the internet that will represent those items and goals.  

Tina will provide boards, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, and magazines.  Guests should bring the images they have collected and whatever else inspires them.  

​Cost: $20 per person (No cost to the host)